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Deimos now open! - 03/04/2020 18:30
The doors to Knighthood is ajar. Step through and meet battle with valour, death with courage and life with honour. Knight Online beckons young squire. Esgolath En Drogar. Heed the Code of Honour well.
The long wait is finally over!
The most anticipated 3D online game is NOW available for absolutely FREE.
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Deimos's comeback date has been announced! - 28/03/2020 15:16
There is little time left for the adventure to resume. Re-opening dates are given below. Stay on track.
Peru:       03/04/2020 Friday 10:30 (GMT-5)
Turkey:    03/04/2020 Friday 18:30 (GMT+3)
Malaysia:  03/04/2020 Friday 23:30 (GMT+8)

Our Game download is up at our download section.
We are preparing to reopen Knight Online Malaysia. - 28/01/2020 18:50
The project was renamed: Knight Online Classic.
As you know the original Knight Online Malaysia servers was shut down in 30th of June 2007.
All the Knight Online players miss those old days. We are preparing to reopen old server Deimos of Knight Online Malaysia to end this longing.
We fixed all old bugs. We made the game more playable with a few events.
Soon the adventure will continue! Please check back our site frequently.

Tips about new events - 28/03/2020 14:42
   * You get Red Treasure Chest and Rising Scroll (50% Exp increase) from the Border Defense War event.
   * Knight's Medal can be obtained from the NPC Knight Clerk on Luferson Castle / Elmorad Castle maps for 15000 National Points. You can get one of the uniq items in the game with this medal. (This medal is also awarded to the CSW winner.)
   * When Chaos Stone on the Colony Zone map is broken, mobs in the Bifrost Event spread around. By breaking the fragments you will get when these mobs are cut, you can get Bifrost Items and High Class items in the game. No Bifrost Event will be brought to the game.

Current information - 28/03/2020 11:10
You can learn about the anytime upgrade rate, bug list, event schedule and last maintenence update notes from the npc Herald[Informative] in Moradon(310.385).You can see the upgrade rates, bug list and event schedule from the links below.

Upgrade rates
Knight event schedule
Bug list

Drop List ! - 27/01/2020 21:21
You can view/download the drop list to your computer from the link below, you can easily find the drop or creature name you want to search by doing ctrl + f. Group drop system is available.
You can see the groups and their contents, the percentage distribution of the drops.
Click to see the Drop List.
Release note: Patch 1319 - 28/03/2020 10:58
In-game Updates
* Starter items for new players have been revised. Many items have been added to the game that make it easy to start! You can see the starting items from the links below.
Warrior | Priest | Rogue | Mage

* Sundries added new items: Speed up Rice Cake(running speed by 140%), HP Rice Cake(1200), Defense Rice Cake(200), Spell of Attack(Increase Attack by 14%), Name Change Scroll, Nation Change Scroll.
* Charon added new items: Rental Scroll, Trina's Piece.
* You can buy paper clothes as +5 grade. Jerede[Handmade Armor] in Moradon(465.273).
* Drop rates have been increased.
* Experience points from the Colony Zone have been increased. You can earn 50% more experience points in total.
* Item Rental activated. Isutar[Item Rental] in Moradon(339.401).
* Forgotten Temple event was re-configured. Now it is easier and everyone can participate. Laemith[Forgotten Temple] in Moradon(426.464).
* New event: Border Defence War. Duel[Border Defence War] in Moradon(437.454).
* Chaos Stone has been added to the Colony zone(1015.1057). Bifrost mobs fall out of the Chaos Stone. You can get fragment drops from these mobs. You can get Bifrost items by opening fragments in Miraselth[Warehouse Keeper] npc on Moradon.
* New quest system has been added. Quests will be defined automatically at the specified level. You can get detailed information by clicking the Quest button in the game and looking at the [Quest] npc for any maps. You can see the new quests from the link below.
New quests list

* Knight's medal system has been added. You can buy it from Knight Clerk on Elmorad Castle / Luferson Castle map for 15,000 national points. You can get Unique items by opening knight's medal in Miraselth[Warehouse Keeper] npc on Moradon.
Technical Updates
* This server protected by original SOACS anticheat technologies.
Active protection against dupe, macro, skill hack(tbl), glitch, screen bug and many more tricks with SOACS.
* Multiclient feature added. You can now login to the game with multiple accounts.
* You can open a total of three(3) characters with one account.
Client updates
* Sky bug has been fixed.
* New sidebar and exit menu (select character disabled).

* 70 level meteor skill effects of the Magician character have been renewed. Much more impressive now!
Power up store updates
* The power-up store was closed forever. No more advantage will be gained in the game with real money!
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