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What is Knight Mark?

Knight Mark is the avatar appears next to the name of a player in the game. The following attached image will describes better on what "Knight Mark" is all about.

What is the purpose of Knight Mark?

Knight Mark is an in game recognition where top players will have an avatar beside their names to resemble their rank achieves thought out the game itself.

How does the rank system works?

The ranking of players is based on the total National Point of a character. The following attach image shows where is National Point of a character can be checked.

What is National Point (NP)? How to gain NP?

National Point (NP) is the Loyalty to your nation. NP (National Point) can be gain by defeating monsters and players of the other nation in Colony Zone. Defeating NPC (Non-Player Character) and players of other nation in Lunar War is also another way of gaining NP. GameMasters will periodically hold events or mini-events that will contribute to NP, depends on the kind of rewards and event type of what the GameMasters had planned.

How the rank does affects the game? Why National Point is the medium for measurements?

The ranks determine the loyalty of a player towards his nation. National Point as explained requires formidable PK (Player Killing) skills, powerful items and somewhat wisdom and concentration of a player. This also means, players who are dedicated to the game, will gain the amount of respect from other players through the recognition of the ranks. The competition between players to be the "Strongest One" will definitely bring the community of the game to more intense, yet enjoyable at the same time.

The ranking

The ranking is only for top 100 Knights from each nation, El Morad and Karus respectively. They will receive a Knight Mark (avatar) beside their name. Also special rewards upon receiving the Knight Mark, where players can visit the Knight Clerk NPC in El Morad Castle or Luferson Castle to redeem their rewards.

The Knight Marks (Image)

There are 6 different type of Knight Mark for the different ranks in the top 100 ranking. The following table shows the 6 different Knight Mark and the specifications.

Knight Mark Description Numbers of knights from each nation Knight Rank Rewards (Coins)
Gold Knight 1 Top 1 1,000,000
Silver Knight 3 Top 2~4 700,000
Mirage Knight 5 Top 5~9 500,000
Shadow Knight 16 Top 10~25 300,000
Mist Knight 25 Top 26~50 200,000
Training Knight 50 Top 51~100 None