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Trade Character Control Hunt Storage Access
If you type “/town” on the chat window and right click on the merchant, the trade chat window appears.

Click on “I wan to deal." Then you can shop by drag and drop in the trade window.

1-1 Goes near and selects the merchant as the target.
1-2 The merchant will look towards you and a chat window will appear when you right click on the merchant.
1-3 You can start trading when you select “I want to deal” from the chat window.
1-4 The trade window appears and you can look at the items the merchant possesses.
1-5 The item information will appear when you put the cursor on the item of your choice.
1-6 Select the item you want and drag it into your storage box (Drag and drop).
• If you buy the item, money is automatically taken out.
• If there’s an item window, enter the number of items you want to purchase.
Click the menu below in the following steps.

trade application -> item dealing
dealing money -> money deal window -> type the amount
-> deal confirmation window
repair chatting window -> repair window

click on the partner and type “/trade”.

2-1 Click on the desired user and type “/trade” in the chat window.
2-2 A message window waiting for the opposition’s answer will appear.
2-3 If the other person approves, the trade window appears.
2-4 The bottom part of the trade window is your area and the top part is the part where you place the goods being dealt. (Left part is your area)
2-5 If you want to place an object, click on the object and drag it onto the top window.
(You can’t put back an item you have already placed on the top window, so place your items after much consideration. If you have placed the wrong item, cancel the trade.)
2-6 Verify the items of your partner and press the trade button.
2-7 The trade goes through if both persons press the trade button