Knight Online

I can't connect to the game servers. It says login server failed!
It is down because of either regular game maintenance or in an event of server crash.
Login servers could be down for about 5min when the servers are coming online so please try again later.

There is a huge lag in the game. What can I do?
First of all, it is impossible to have lag-free game for everyone in the world. There are certain steps to decrease the lag as much as possible.
Try minimzing the game graphics and details. It is also good idea to turn off any background program running.
Also make sure the firmware on the router/switch is updated to the latest version.
Try pining major websites and see what the ping is and look for any time outs.
Please contact your ISP if you are experiencing high pings and time outs.
It is also a good idea to have a computer that is above minimum requirement spec.

Why do you guys have to perform maintenance every week?
The weekly maintenance is to keep the servers performing in top condition. We also update features and add game updates to the servers. We understand that it is very frustrating to not be able to connect to the game but the maintenance keeps the servers in good condition. Please understand that we always try to minimize the maintenance hours and work during the tiem of the day where Knight Online usage is most less.

Knight Online graphic seems bit weird. What's the problem?
There were known issues with certain chipsets with certain video card chipset combo.
Please update all of bios and drivers including video/audio/motherboard chipset.
Knight Online requires DirectX 8 or higher. You can download the latest DirectX at

It seems to take a while recharging Knight Cash or using Power Up Store.
The transaction takes a little while to process. Please be patient and click once. It will be updated shortly on the Power Up Store window.

I think I may have found a new bug! What do I do?
Please report them in our forum. We have separate section for bug reporting purpose. Including screen shot will help speed up the process of having a fix out.

Downloading patch update takes long time!
It is because there are serveral thousand people trying to log in at once after the maintenance is done and servers come online with new patch. The launcher program may see like it is stuck but it is downloading the update so please be patient. It is good idea to try after about 30min when most of the people have updated the game. We will be upgrading our download/patching servers and adding additional capacity.

Please visit our official forum

if you need any additional assistance