Knight Online

Is Knight Online free?
Yes. Knight Online game program, patch updates, game updates and expansions are all available online
for free. The registeration and game service is also free.

Will there be any monthly fee to play Knight Online?
No. Knight Online is a Free 2 Play game.

I am from a country that is outside of Malaysia. Can I play too?
We welcome everyone who has access to the internet!. Anyone from around the world is welcomed
to register and play Knight Online.

Where can I download the game?
The Knight Online game is available for download at your website. Patch updates and game updates
including future expansion update is done through built in automatic updater.

I can't register for Knight Online account.
Our website is designed to be used with Google Chrome. Please update to latest version
by going to and download an appropriate version.

What is the minimum requirement for playing Knight Online?
The bare minimum is Pentium3 600MH with 512MB RAM and DirectX 8 compatible card but we
recommend at least Pentium4 1.8GH with 1024MB RAM and GeForce 4MX/Radeon 7500 card or higher.
Also broadband internet connectino is recommend for optimum game play.

What's the difference between '1' server and '2' server?
there are no major differences between 1 and 2 servers. 1 hosts weekly Lunar Wars and Castle
Siege Wars. 2 Servers do no host wars and lack Colony Zone & Abyss Dungeon.
2 servers are primarily for boss hunts, level ups and party plays.

Do I have to register for the community forum?
Yes, our forum is a separate service that is also provided free.
It is moderated by players from around the world with diverse background.
Please come and browse the forum at

Where are the servers located it at?
Our Knight Online servers currently reside in Europe.
It is one of giant cetral hubs that connects many different part of the world.

What is your policy on cheat/dupe/hack?
We heavily enforcing the users who tries to abuse our service best to our power.
We take any form of cheat/dupe/hack very seriously so please do not cheat/dupe/hack.
You will only make the game and it's community worse by runing the game for everyone.
Please refer to our game policy located in our website.