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Imperial Chronivles - Prologue Imperial Chronicles I
The World of Carnac

In the beginning there was a chaos. Timeless energies swirled in a great mass of color and light in the soundlessness of space. Over the millennia the energies gained substance and began to weave itself into the fabric of what would one day spell life.

Out of this fabric a thread, an insignificant piece of power disentangled itself from the mass. While the essence of this thread was one and the same as the energies which at the very moment were evolving, it changed along a separate path. It alone gained consciousness.

Time passes...

The consciousness comes awake. At first it wanders around what now has become a star, so compact has the energies woven itself over the eons. It looks upon the lifeless star and is touched by his first feeling, sadness.

With his hands outstretched he, Logos, took it upon himself to create life. For days he shaped what would become the world Carnac. At first he created the lands, the tallest mountains and the deepest valleys. He then created the clouds and the sky. He thought he was finished and he was content.

He watched the world from the mountains, reveling in the cools winds that swept its peak. He touched the clouds and felt a wetness like he had never felt before, he liked the feeling, the cool wet feeling of water. He tasted it and was amazed by its purity and how refreshing it was. He thought about this, and he looked down to the land beneath him. It was dark and dry, and for the first time he realized that apart from the mountains the world did not look beautiful, and though the world turned it was not alive. It did not speak, it did not grow. It would merely spin for eternity, not unlike the energies it was molded from.

He thought of the moisture in the clouds and remembered the joy he felt in the experience. He wanted the lands of feel as he felt, he willed the clouds to rain and so it did. It rained for 49 days and the water carved the rocks, flooded the valleys and created the ocean. Soon the world was a splendid blue, like a turquoise jewel hanging in the colorlessness of space. But there must be those who can experience the splendors of the rivers, oceans and lakes. The rocks and mountains as Logos had learned were lifeless.

Taking the remaining energies from the clay he did not use to fashion the mountains he created life. First he created the fishes to swim in the water he loved so much. Then he planted the trees who would forever favor the presence of its moisture. Later came the animals then the soaring birds that further graced the world with life. Lastly came men whom he created in his likeness, they too had the power to mold the world to suit their needs and the first seeds of mankind he placed near the great rivers which had been created. There they would have all they need to prosper.

For a time all was well, Logos now a God was content. And all his creations rejoiced and prospered in the land bestowed to them. But all was to be undone. In his haste to create mankind in his own image a piece of clay was left unused. The clay lay forgotten in the darkest valley of the new world. There it lay for centuries, waiting for its turn to be molded into something beautiful. At first it was patient, Logos has a special plan for me it thought to itself, maybe he has not yet decided what to mold me into. But as with everything with consciousness its patience waned, and it grew bitter. Made of the very fabric of the world and instilled with a mind not unlike Logos himself the forgotten piece of clay willed itself into existence. Bit by bit it transformed and with each transformation it grew ever more hateful of being forgotten.

By the time Logos recalled the forgotten piece it was far from too late. Already an entity which named itself Patos was formed. It rivaled Logos in power but contained none of the compassion, love and the desire to create as its counterpart. Instead it longed to twist what Logos had painstakingly created. As revenge, Patosí first act of power was to instill change, change which Logos from the very beginning hated.

From his act came the four seasons, day and night, life and death. But this wasnít enough; Patos wanted Logos to experience the pain and abandonment he felt, taking a handful of sand he infused within every grain what would be known as the sins of men. Each grain he took and planted into all of mankind, and with that act men turned away from Logos, the learned greed, lust and had a desire to dominate and destroy.

Powerless to stop it, Logos wept.
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