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Imperial Chronivles - Prologue Imperial Chronicles I
The Beginning of Chaos

It has been sometime since Patos changed the world. But while it wasn't his intention, by bringing about the distinction between life and death a new player of this game between the Gods came to being. When there was no death there was no need to create new life for all endured, this was the vision of Logos, an enduring world which would retain its splendor for all eternity. But with the onset of death the fabric of creation shifted, for if those with life were to die, new life had to take their place. While Logos had the power to create he did not posses the power to renew, why this is so is not known. The duty to recreate life from the energies left behind by the dead fell to a new god, the Goddess of Life, Akara.

Unlike Logos and Patos which interacted little with the world Akara was in constant contact with every living being. She watched the old wither and die and she nurtured the young to take their places. She learned to understand the creatures which inhabited the world, she learned to love them as her own even though she was not their true creator and they paid her no homage. Overtime she felt Logos grow ever distant in his grief; she knew that Logos now neglected his creations for he could bear not the pain of them having been changed. While she did not fault Logos or Patos, she despaired that life no longer prospered as it once did under the guidance of the creator.

"Perhaps," she thought, "I should adopt these children as my own."

As fate would have it the petition to claim all of creation as her own was turned down. Logos feared that he would loose his creations even further. He promised Akara that he would resume his responsibility; the goddess was satisfied with this answer and lay the matter to rest. After all, all she wanted was the world to be cared for, it mattered little to her who claimed stewardship, though she herself may not realize it, but deep down she wished she had that honor.

But just as Logos began keeping his promise Patos reemerged. This time he decided to warp the very first of Logos' creations, the very mountains in which Logos first felt the winds and touched the clouds. With ease Patos called up fire from deep within Carnac's core. The pent up forces erupted through mountain peaks creating fiery craters of molten lava. Horrified at the destruction of his beloved mountains Logos was slow to stop Patos as he struck a mighty blow cracking the sides of every volcano causing their destructive forces to flow unheeded to engulf and ignite all that stood in its path. Forests and their inhabitants were destroyed, rivers boiled to nothingness and men standing petrified at the horror unfolding before them lost their lives.

Generations later, many of the forests that were destroyed Akara regrew. Animals once again walked the earth in abundance and rivers again flowed as they once did. Men too recovered their losses and many of the new generation knew nothing of what their fore fathers experienced. To them the silent mountains had always spewed fire every so often, and they had learned to be wary of its captivating beauty. In fact, most had never set foot on a mountain let alone gazed down at the beautiful world from it, as Logos once did. Due to this, Logos again retreated into his own despair and cared not a bit for the world that was no longer his own.

This time Akara was determined to take over Logosí supposed responsibility. But she knew he would never give it up easily, for the good of life itself she conspired to rid the world of the weak hearted Logos and the disruptive Patos. Unbeknown to the other gods, Akara knew of one other. There was still the god Cypher, who knew of nothing but destruction and deceit. It is generally believed that it was Cypher who using methods unknown who planted the ideas of bringing about destructive changes to Carnac. For while Patos was responsible for change it was not in his nature to destroy, many a historian would debate this issue in years to come.

Being told of the existence of Cypher, Logos grew wary and questioned Akara about this new "god".

"How Cypher came into being is not known to me, but what is certain is that the power of creation he has not. He cannot weave dust into mountains, change the rain into snow nor can he bring life into the world. What he can do is grind the tallest mountain into the finest dust, fire snow into vapor and smite every living thing. He has the power to destroy, nothing more, nothing less. It is his power you need to be rid of Patos".

Upon hearing this Logos was elated, he immediately left to seek out this god, Cypher. Logos had dreams of his world returning to its prior form and did not see the goddess' faint smile.


Once found, Cypher was not the image of power which Logos had envisioned. He was the anti thesis of magnificence, he looked frail, worn and possessed none of the aura of the other gods. Regardless, Logos trusted the Goddess of Life and proceeded to ask for the favor.

Unknown to him, Akara had already approached Cypher and had told him of the opportunity to destroy their predecessors. "You should kill Patos first", she had said. "Logos is idealistic and weak, him you can kill at your leisure". Cypher trusted Akara as well, for the purity of life held no evil and life after all was her domain.

In preparation to confronting Patos, Logos reached out and drew the clouds around him. From the clouds he fashioned a blade so beautiful it masked its deadliness. This blade he gave to Cypher, and together they journeyed to the deepest valley of Carnac where Patos resided.

At the mouth of the valley stood a massive fortress, strange a god of change would choose to reside in something so unyielding and unchanging. But as they approached, Patos stepped out from the shadows. In his hand he brandished a spear of finest wood, tinged with green. It radiated life itself and there was a certain calmness to it, the calm of a peaceful forest, there could be only one who could have created such a weapon.

The one who had warned Patos of the arrival of the other two was now patiently waiting for what she thought inevitable, the end of Logos, Patos and with luck Cypher as well.

The battle was swift yet furious, no words were exchanged by the combatants as Cypher charged, his gleaming sword held high. Patos merely stood blocking blow after blow with his spear while counter attacking when he could. Logos merely stood watching the fight unfold, praying that Patos would meet his end.

Evenly matched the gods turned to their individual powers to given them an edge. At first Patos swept away the sun and the stars sending the world into darkness. Cypher already unused to the dark valley found himself ever more blinded. Patos lunged, his spear grazing the shoulder of his opponent. Angered, the wounded god rained destruction upon the valley setting all but the rocks aflame. Recovering his sight and catching Patos totally off guard as the other stared at his burning fortress, Cypher slashed and severed the left hand of Patos.

Like thunder Patos screamed in pain as his lifeblood drained out of him. But while Cypher and Logos looked upon him triumphantly something happened. Subtle changes occurred within Patos and Cypher, their appearance did not change but their demeanor, their life force if you will, shattered and reformed into the image of each other. Patos through some means of magic now resided in the body of Cypher, whereas the essence of Cypher now lay in the torn body of the one he had wounded only moments earlier.

Though in pain the spirit of Cypher refused to just die. With a last act of will he hurled the spear he clutched at his own body, the body that was stolen from him. Patos who was reflecting upon his own genius managed not to avoid the spear thrown at him by the Lord of Destruction.

Patos now lay dead, with Cypher about to join him. Cypher grew ever weaker and with Logos having fled when he called fire down to the valley he was on his own. It was then when he realized his powers were no longer confined to the destruction of things but with some effort he could induce change much like how Patos was renowned for. Focusing his fledgling abilities on his severed arm he first stopped the blood from flowing. He then pulled at the sinew and bones making them expand until they eventually took the shape of the missing limb.

Fully recovered he stood and with new found strength he shouted for all to hear, "I am reborn, fear me for I am now unmatched!"

As a display of strength he shattered the valley and out of the rubble fashioned a monument not of stone but of glass. The monument while not beautiful, with its sharp edges reaching out in all directions was no less magnificent. Men flocked to marvel at its construction and to pay homage to its creator, the god Cypher.
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