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The Legend of the Elves

Let me tell you about the elves. The Elves never were part of the human world. While they resembled us in many ways, they are taller, leaner but most importantly they are immortal or so it is claimed. It's believed that they were created by Logos when finally turned his back on humanity which he viewed as incorrigible.

It is also believed that the Elves whose image was modeled after humankind lived in very much the same way as did our ancestors. They lived simple lives hunting, gathering and farming. The only difference was that they preferred to live the dense forests of Carnac rather than the wide open plains favored by their cousins.

While real, Elven kind hovers between myth and legend within the tomes of human understanding. Only a few have ever chanced on meeting an elf for their forest home is well protected by Logos and none knows of its location. Some even believe that the forest "El Lura Lastach" or "the forest where the Elves sing" exists not on El Morad but somewhere between reality and inexistence. In layman's terms the forest resides on Carnac, yet it does not. There are many theories regarding this phenomena but this concerns the realm of priests and wizards not those who are more interested in listening to a good story told.

These remarkable creatures are again divided into two groups or so legend tells. The Iladhel and the Vladhel. The Iladhel are their spell casters, our own wizards believe them weak for they only delve in the power of nature. But weak they are not, our magic users have obviously never experienced a year without winter and yet the forests of the Elves remain in perpetual spring.

The latter are akin to what we understand as rangers. They're tracking skills are unmatched and darkness do not impair their sight. They use long bows of the like we have never seen. Their bows measure a height of a man and their bolts can hit a target at 300 yards.

It is also believed that the Elves live in harmony singing and dancing throughout the night not having a care in the world.

Not much more is known about these eternal beings and some of what we do know may even be tall tales spun for the amusement of little children. But perhaps one day, we will know more about those who are different, yet not so different from the rest of us.
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