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The Imperial Chronicles – Prologue

The Prophesy of the Crown
Life was tough even before the Plague. But the coming of the Plague heralded a suffering never before experienced by the inhabitants of Carnac. In a distant village, the local apothecary tried his best to find a cure. All his efforts were in vain and no matter what combination of herbs and plants he used, he could not find a suitable cure. All he could do was ease the suffering of those afflicted, and there were many who were.

“Dignar,” a voice suddenly called out.

The apothecary turned his head to see who had called his name. It was Bero, one of the village youths. The clan chief had placed much trust in him and there was talk he was likeliest to be the next chief.

“We have need of your wisdom, Dignar,” Bero called again.

Dignar turned back to the patient he was attending then let out a sigh. There was not much hope left for the patient. The plague had already taken the patient’s wife and children; even if he did not get afflicted, he would have died of heartbreak anyway. No will remaining, there was only one fate left to the patient--death.

“I’m coming, Bero,” Dignar sighed. “I’m coming.”

The clan chief was conferring with the Seer when both Bero and Dignar walked in.

“Ah, Dignar, finally,” the chief boomed. “The Seer here has unsettling news…”
“…Quite unsettling,” interjected the Seer.
“Quiet, you,” the chief boomed back.
“Apologies, m’lord,” cowered the Seer.

“As I was saying,” the chief continued, “It seems that our rival nation Karus has increased their threat to us somewhat by forming a Council of their most powerful clans.”
“What!” Bero was taken aback. “Now that they are united, they can wipe us out anytime they want to!”
“Now, now, Bero,” Dignar spoke. “Don’t let us be rash with words just yet. When the plague was at its peak and our numbers were lessened, we joined the stronger clans for protection and they in turn joined even more stronger clans. Our union protects everyone of ElMorad descent. I believe we are safe still from Karus.”
“Indeed, that may be true,” the chief spoke again. “The Seer informs me that the leaders of the other clans plan to form our own Council to combat any advances made by Karus.”
“That sounds like a good plan,” said Bero.
“We must be wary,” warned Dignar. “We all know how our clan leaders love to engage in petty in-fighting. An ElMorad Council may even make things worse.”
“We don’t know that, Dignar,” the chief said. “Right now, this sounds like the best plan we have.”
“There’s more,” the Seer cackled. “I have seen someone mighty, a ruler, a king--a king destined to emerge and lead the nation to victory.”
“I hope this bodes well in such times of trouble,” said the chief.
“Well, someone leading us and uniting us will come in handy,” said Bero.
“We shall see,” said Dignar. “We shall see.”

* * *

Carnac was in a time of great distress. A mysterious plague, a fast-spreading and destructive one, scoured the lands and inflicted the many. As the populace dwindled more and more each day, many clans rose to the occasion and swiftly took advantage of the weakening populace by taking over each nations’ political system.

Lesser clans, sometimes by choice, sometimes not were absorbed into bigger and more powerful ones for protection. As the clans grew bigger and stronger, they began to fight more and more until the battles became a power struggle for supremacy. This was the beginning of the Era of Monarchy, an age where everyone had to bow down to the power of the stronger clans… or face the penalty of death.

The most powerful clans of Karus were the first to form a Council as it was in their young blood for obedience. The formation of such a grand Council scared the clans of ElMorad and they in turned planned to form a Council of their own. Councils were formed but many failed. But the clans still had unresolved issues with each other and many petty issues were fought over resulting in the dissolving of the Council.

It is foretold by many seers and fortune tellers that by the second moon of this year, a destined King will appear and he will lead his nation to victory.

The prophecy soon came to be true for both nations.

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