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Imperial Chronicles I

The Shinobi War
It was foretold by the seers of the land that a mighty King would appear and lead a nation to victory. The great prophecy spread through both the great nations of Karus and ElMorad and many people, believing the prophecy to be true, awaited eagerly for their King and saviour to come.

But the prophecy served to fuel the doubts of the Council members of each nation towards each other. Jealousy and doubt was rife within each nations’ Council and the members began to plot against each other.

Thus began the Era of Corruption and Assassination.

Due to the sudden need for skilled assassins, masters of such a deadly craft soon appeared from lands far away as if answering a call. These “Shinobi Masters”, as they were called, were soon put to the task of training an elite group of assassins, a group of rogues whom later became known as the “Shinobi Knights”.

The Shinobi Knights were trained so rigorously, they soon mastered the art of deadly strikes as well as greatly enhancing the use of stealth attacks, fire arrows and poison arrows.

The Shinobi Masters also kept with them a secret. It is said that they possess a sacred scroll, a parchment containing a secret that unleashes a power hidden inside the soul of a Shinobi. Many have sought to obtain this secret, many have failed.

One night, as they were studying the stars, Bero asked the wise and venerable Dignar what he knew of the secrets of the Shinobi.

“Dear Dignar, I seem to recall that you promised me you would tell me what you know of the Shinobi,” persuaded Bero, the newly appointed clan chief.
“Harumph,” grunted Dignar. “Very well, you impatient youth.”

Dignar let his gaze remain upwards.

Then he spoke, “Shinobi Gems are required to persuade those wily Shinobi Masters into handing over the Attack Power Scroll.”
“The Attack Power Scroll?” asked Bero.
“You remember. It is the scroll that contains the Shinobi Masters’ secret for unleashing the soul’s hidden power,” continued Dignar.
“Ah yes…” pondered Bero. “Sounds simple, really”
“Oh you think so, do you?” Dignar shot back, before he let out a hearty laugh.

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