Knight Online
Penalty 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense
Harrassment (all chat, shout) (No. 2) Mute 2 days Mute 5 days Mute 7 days
Offensive Language (all chat, shout) (No. 3) Mute 1 days Mute 3 days Mute 7 days Mute 14 days
Impersonation (No. 4) Mute 7 days Mute 14 days
Mute 30 days
Law Violation (No. 6) Ban Permanently

Attemping to play KOL on a service not controlled or authorized by e-Games (No. 16) or calling other players to violate this rule

Ban Permanently
Server Emulator (No. 17) Ban 7 days Ban 14 days Ban 1 month
Interference with users (No. 18) Ban 3 days, de-np to zero Ban 7 days, de-np to zero Ban 14 days, de-np to zero
Shouting Hack Sites
Ban Permanently
NP Transfers
Reduced to 100 NP
Bug Abuse (using safe zone to get additional NPs during Lunar War)
Reduced to 100 NP
Ban Permanently
Credit Card Fraud
Ban Permanently
Hacking into another's account
Ban Permanently
Violation of Naming Policy
Voluntarily deletes in 24 hours, or it will be deleted by KOL
Speed Hack, Macro, Bot, and Jingling Ban 7 days Ban 14 days Ban 30 days Ban 90 days
Communicating with in game GM using rude language or spam messages. Mute 1 days Mute 3 days Mute 7 days
Possession of Bug item, Dupe item, Hacked item or Stolen item. Ban 7 day, All suspicious items and coins are deleted
Duping Item Ban permanently
In game scam player ID or item, after investigation and verify Ban permanently after investigation
Steal another player ID, after investigation and verify Full Account Ban permanently after investigation