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| Lunar Gate War | Nation Invasion |
Nation Invasion
Invading The Defeated Nation
Invading Gate - When the winner is decided, the winning nation’s users can invade the enemy’s country through the enemy’s warp gate from the war zone. In this point of time, everyone from the winning nation will able to go in the war zone for them using defeated nation warp gate to teleport them to defeated country.
Defeated Nation - The defeated nation’s users will be teleported backs to their own nation immediately.
Invasion - The users that are invading enemy’s nation cannot use the warp gate or set the resurrection sport in the enemy’s nation.
Safe Zone - A small area near the Lunar Gate entrance in the defeated nation will be the save zone for the invader. The invader will spawn in this safe zone. You will not be attacked within this safe zone. The enemy’s NPC that may enter this area will be kill immediately. (They’ll spawn back at their own original spot, according to regeneration time.)
End of Invasion - When the invasion time is over, the invading nation’s users will be teleport back to their own nation and the NPCs will return to their original position.
Coin - You will lose 50% coin from your inventory for getting killed by enemy user.
National Points - You’ll earn 50 National points if you kill an enemy nation’s user.
  - You will lose 50 National points if an enemy’s nation user kills you.
Village Battle
Village Monument - There is a Monument in each village.
Possession - If the invading nation can destroy the opposing nation’s village monument, the possession of the monument will be turn over to the invaders.
When the invaders have taken over the village:
  a) A notice will be display stating “ XXXXX village has been overrun”.
  b) The monument will be replaced with the invader’s nation and in one minute from the invaders that are within 100 meters from the monument will be awarded with 50 National points and 50,000 coins.
  c) If the invader defend their monument for 10 minutes, they will be awarded with 50 national points and 50,000 coins.
  d) From then on; 25 national points and 25,000 coins will be awarded every 5 minutes.
When the defending nation retakes its village from the invaders:
  a) A notice will be displayed “XXXXX village has been capture”.
  b) When the defenders retake the village from the invaders, their monument will replace the invaders monument and the defending nation’s users that standing 100 meters from the monument will be awarded with 50 national points and 50,000 coins with in 1 minutes.
  c) The defending nation will only be rewarded when they have retaken the village from the invaders.
Retaking - The invaders can try to retake the village from the defending nation once they lose the village back to the defending nation.
Elmorad Castle, Luferson Castle - The village battle may be held in 3 villages in each nation’s main zone simultaneously, the reward given for over taking over the main village (Elmorad Castle and Luferson Castle) will be 4 times as much as the other villages.
War Rewards
Rules Rewards
Character that kills the enemy’s keeper (party) 2000 coins plus 2000 nation points
Character that kills the enemy’s warder (party) 1000 coins plus 1000 nation points
Character that kills the enemy’s guard (party) 500 coins
Character that kills the enemy’s recon (party) 300 coins
Character that kills the enemy’s clan leader (party) 50000 coins
Character that kills the enemy’s users (party) 10000 coins